Recognize the Signs. Be AWARE.

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The Be AWARE campaign is a result of the community need to help youth with mental health problems. Adults are often underequipped to assist youth with mental illness or experiencing a mental health crisis. The first step to getting a youth help is to “Recognize the Signs” of a mental health problem.

Be AWARE raises awareness of three mental health problems youth experience: Depression, anxiety, and trauma. In addition, Be AWARE recognizes resilience – the natural strength within youth to handle negative experiences – as an important quality to a youth’s positive mental health.

Be AWARE is launched through Project AWARE – a grant coordinated by Missouri Institute of Mental Health at University of Saint Louis Missouri. Project AWARE provides those who work, live or volunteer in the Greater Ferguson Area the opportunity to participate in Youth Mental Health First Aid courses. These courses provide adults with the knowledge and skills to assist youth with mental health problems. Find a course near you today!